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My name is Josh Blake, and one service I offer in Asheville is helping to set up businesses with their credit card processing needs, or help existing businesses get a better deal than they may be getting through their current processor. 

I believe my rates are as good as if not better than anyone's in the industry. 

While talking to business owners in our community, I came to learn that credit card processing is necessary for most businesses, but also somewhat of a nuisance. 

So I began to think of how I could make business owners feel a little better every month when the look at their credit card processing bill. 

I set up the Home Team Network in order to help businesses give back to our community through their credit card processing fees. 

Each month, the Home Team Network will donate 10% of it's proceeds to an Asheville based non-profit. 

Our recipients will change quarterly.  I created this web site so that anyone who was interested about us could learn about the non-profit that we are donating to, as well as give visibility to those businesses that are down with the Home Team. 

Check out the information and the link to our current recipient's web-site. To your left are links to the web-sites of those businesses that support this idea. 

Any business working with me will receive a laminated card to put near their register to let people know that when they use a credit card at their location, some of the money goes back to the community. 

Please do contact me if you would like to become part of this vision, or if you are currently unhappy with your current processing agreement. 

I can beat,  if not match any deal out there! 

Thanks again for your time and for visiting us!
Please contact me with any questions.

Josh Blake

(828) 280-6939

Evergreen Community
Charter School
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This quarter, we are featuring American Rainbow Rapid Response. 10% of all Home Team Network proceeds go directly to this excellent non-profit who is actively providing a comprehensive response to the mass care needs of individuals affected by large-scale disaster.

Currently working in Haiti:
Providing nutritious, mostly organic, home cooked meals, networking opportunities for other grassroots community groups to come together, and education opportunities on issues such as disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and emotional spiritual health... more >>

Arts 2 People

Last quarter, we are featured Arts 2 People.
Arts 2 People is a non-profit social service organization devoted to promoting the role of the arts as an integral part of our culture by serving the entire community through arts outreach, bringing the arts to those in need of the healing power of art, supporting the careers of artists, and through community cultural development... more >>

Dogwood Alliance

Previous donations supported Dogwood Alliance.
Dogwood Alliance is the only organization in the South holding corporations accountable for the impact of their industrial forestry practices on our local forests and communities..
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